Hungry Eyes Media is co-founded by the dynamic creative duo of Jen Holness and Sudz Sutherland. Sutherland and Holness bring a fresh, authentic perspective to telling powerful, thought-provoking stories.

In doing so they have racked up numerous national and international awards and accolades. Hungry Eyes recently expanded its focus to develop content for mobile users as well. As a company with its own distinct mission plan, Hungry Eyes seeks to inspire and entertain!

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Our Team

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Jennifer Holness

President / Writer / Producer

Jennifer Holness is an award-winning writer and producer of scripted and factual TV and films. Jen recently co-created the TV drama series Shoot The Messenger for CBC about cops and journalists that goes to camera summer 2015. She co-wrote and produced the two-part CBC miniseriesread more

Sudz Sutherland

Vice President / Writer / Director

Sudz Sutherland (Writer/Director) works on both sides of the fence as a freelance writer and director for TV dramas and feature films. Sudz’s latest feature film, Home Again, won the prestigious PAFF‐BAFTA Festival Choice Award in Los Angeles and was recently nominated for Best Direction…read more




Elise Whittington

Office Manager / Business Affairs Coordinator


Rajiv Gupta

Corporate Accountant