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Home Again

A Dramatic Feature Film

When you are stripped of everything you know you find out who you are…

Home Again is a dramatic feature film about three adults raised “a foreign” from childhood and deported to their country of birth, Jamaica.  Marva, Dunston, and Everton are deported from Canada, the U.S and London, respectively.  Now backs “home,” each quickly discover a very different Jamaica from the idyllic paradise seen in vacation ads or from their vague childhood memories.  Every day is a fight for survival in a place where family support, friendships, and shelter is elusive.   Danger also seems to surround them at every turn in a country that has the third highest murder rate in the world (per capita). Then there is the fact that Jamaicans uniformly blame deportees for much of their crime. Home Again follows the lives of three individuals on a journey that is surprisingly filled with hope.  It is a journey where through great obstacles you find a place where the human spirit dwells.

Produced By: Jennifer Holness & Don Carmody
Written By: Jennifer Holness & Sudz Sutherland
Directed By: Sudz Sutherland