Jun 2, 2021

BLK: An Origin Story Series About Black Canadian History Will Premiere in 2022

Corus Entertainment announced several green lit projects on May 26, 2021. One of them was BLK: An Origin Story, a series examining Black history in Canada created by Jennifer Holness and Sudz Sutherland.

“The network brings Canadian Black History to the forefront with two Canadian originals. This November, Black Liberators WWII (1×90) will shed light on the heroic stories and amazing acts of bravery of Black Canadian soldiers during World War II, who risked their lives for their country while facing racism at home and on the battlefield. Then in a four part series, BLK: An Origin Story (4×60) explores untold stories of Black Canadians, from the early settlers of Ontario to the gold rush era of BC; from the Maroons of Nova Scotia to Montreal’s vibrant Little Burgundy neighbourhood. The series aims to show that Black History is Canadian History.”

Learn more about BLK: An Origin Story here