Apr 4, 2017

Catch Jen on The Story of US on CBC!

So, I’m celebrating Canada this year and so should you by checking out Canada: The Story of US! This is an awesome 10-part adventure history series that explores the lives of great Canadians as well as some of our great moments. Its got history, its got herstory and its got yours truly contributing in a few of the segments!  I’m really excited about this history series for many reasons, but mostly because I’m honoured to be included among other prominent cultural voices  in this awesome place we call home.  Or in other words, my kids get to see me on TV ( a tiny bit) and learn cool stuff too!

Check out portions of my interview on:

Ep 3 – airing April 9

Ep 4 – airing April 16

Ep 5 – airing April 23

Ep 7 – airing May 7

Ep 9 – airing May 14