Feb 8, 2021

Jennifer Holness speaks on “In the trenches with BIPOC storytellers” panel discussion, moderated by Jesse Wente

In the trenches with BIPOC storytellers panel discussion, moderated by Jesse Wente from National Screen Institute on Vimeo.

In November 2020, as part of NSI Business for Producers training, students listened in on a candid discussion featuring storytellers from underrepresented communities to better understand the challenges and barriers they have faced.

The panel was moderated by Jesse Wente, executive director of the Indigenous Screen Office, with guest panelists Jennifer Podemski (CEO, Red Cloud Studios Inc.), Nathalie Younglai (founder, BIPOC TV & Film) and Jennifer Holness (president, Hungry Eyes Media).

Jennifer Podemski and Jennifer Holness are both alumni of NSI Global Marketing and Telefilm – Canada Spark Plug Program. Jennifer Holness is also an alumna of NSI Drama Prize.

NSI Business for Producers is a distance learning and mentorship program designed to help up to 20 emerging producers nurture creative ideas (of all genres) while navigating the logistics and legalities of screen-based storytelling.

Specifically created for emerging producers who want to learn the essential elements of producing, this program provides instruction on the basic skill set producers need in a COVID-19 environment and beyond.

Source: National Screen Institute