Keisha Winters, is the artsy divorced mom of supremely capable Kelly, and they live with Althea, Keisha’s very fiery, very Jamaican mother. Together they represent three generations of Black girl magic under the same roof, all with strong opinions. About everything. Their lives are all the more interesting because Keisha works as a relationship blogger and hosts a popular podcast about love and relationships. Crazy stories turn up every single day and Keisha greets them with aplomb because emotional turmoil is her happy place.

Keisha, 35, is disorganized, distracted, warm and open to possibilities. She is amazing at counselling people on their relationships – it’s her superpower, however, her talents are an epic fail when it comes to her own life. To start with, her ex Randall, 36, lives in the ‘gatehouse’ behind their Annex home and both of them need reminders that they are in fact divorced.

Their daughter Kelly, 14, is an old soul trapped in a blossoming young body that is raring to get there already. She is focused, organized and practical – completely the opposite of her mom. Throw in a dose of teen angst and you have a loving relationship that is full of clashes, screaming and silences.

Althea, 63, is a widow who is ready to live her best life. She’s worked all of her life, coming to Canada as a nanny in the early1970s and then studied at night to become a Nurse’s Aide. She took early retirement 2 years ago when her husband, Chester, died of a heart attack leaving her a small nest egg to explore the life she never had. Moving in with her daughter was an act of kindness as far as Althea is concerned, because Keisha’s head was always in the clouds. And Lord knows what would happen to her grandbaby if she isn’t there to put the brakes on Keisha’s laissez faire attitude.

Althea is the only person who pushes all of Keisha’s insecurity buttons. As far as Keisha is concerned, her mother has to be right, although everyone knows ‘wrong and strong’ is her middle name. But Keisha loves her dearly and wouldn’t have things any other way.

From her guests on the podcast to Keisha’s complicated personal life, #relationshipgoals explores the funny side of modern life and love, finding laughs and tears we can all relate to.



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