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So, what’s on the phone?
So, what’s on the phone?

Personally, my whole life is on my phone (I don’t even have a lock password??) Incriminating photos, my banking info, work and personal email, agenda, social media accounts…. but that’s all of us. I mean, it’s the first place there would be evidence of a crime…. (FYI, your texts aren’t private)

GET HYPE! Shoot the Messenger 30 Second Trailer

While the Rio Olympics is really all we can talk about in the office, we sometimes remember that we have a lil series starting soon.So while you’re watching our girl Khamica Bingham tear it up in Heat 2 of the 100m tonight, watch for the new trailer. Starts Monday, October 10th at 9pm on CBC!

Shoot the Messenger Premiering Oct 10 at 9pm on CBC!
Shoot the Messenger Premiering Oct 10 at 9pm on CBC!

We’re so happy to announce that Shoot the Messenger is now a part of CBC’s fall lineup! The series will be premiering Monday October 10th at 9pm after Murdoch Mysteries’ 10th season premiere, a lead in and slot we’re very happy with! Take a look at the teaser trailer to share and then share some […]